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Tru Mark Enterprises

Batch Printing Machine


  • Very useful machine to all Pharmaceutical & other packaging industries to print Batch No.., Mfg. Date., Exp. Date., Retail Price etc.. on their plain or laminated & varnished Labels/Cartons, Polypack Bags, Pouches, tin Bottoms, Cotton Bags etc...
  • For adding special information at the time of actual packing.
  • For adding price change or special offer on existing labels/cartons.

Table top batch coding machine:

  • Suitable for printiing on label, pouches, jars,bottles, cans, tubes, cups, cartons and any even surface.


  • Suitable for all manual & automatic coding on various packing.
  • Compact design makes it easy to install where space is limited.
  • Motorized intermittent reciprocal contact coder so no requirement of Air supply.
  • It can also be installed in various positions according to the design of parental machine.
  • It runs by footswitch, proximity switch & in-built timer operation.
    Uses quick drying  liquid ink , dry within minutes to support fast production.


Printing Size


35x35 mm or 35x50mm( other sizes can be manufactured on demand)

Printing Speed


40 to 60 prints/minute, or depending on machine set-up conditions.
Higher speeds are available as well.


Printing Method


Ink transfer by flexo types Grooved / Flat stereos- 3 mm size or other required size. Grooved stereos are interlocking type.

Printing Media


Anti Freeze fast drying’ liquid Ink.

Inking System


Inking cartridge made from specially imported material to release the right amount of Ink per each impression.

Power Supply


230 VAC ± 10 %, 50 HZ, Single phase.

Ink Charge


5-10 ml, ink per charges, gives 10,000 to 20,000 impressions depending on size of markings.

Hand Operated Batch Printing/Coding Machine
Manual Batch Printing Machine
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In addition of feeding and discharging the Labels/Cartons/Bags by hand, the stroke of the machine is also operated by hand.

Printing area:85mm x 55mm or 154mm x 55mm
Printing Speed: up to 20 prints/min
Weight : 6 kg.
Accessories: Ink tube, metal stereo box.

WORKING: Hand Operated and Semi Automatic Batch Printing Machine/ Batch Coding machine are working on the same principal of tradle machine conventionally used by all the printers. In both the machine the matter is to be composed in type block with type letters. Ink is applied on the Aluminium Roller. On each stroke of the machine the composed type letters are inked by moving Rubber Roller. Label/Carton/Bag fed on plate is getting positive impression by inked type letters.

Semi Automatic Batch Printing/Coding Machine

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It is Electrically Operated and foot Switch is provided to 'ON' or 'OFF' the machine as both the hands of the operator remain free in convenience of feeding and discharging the Labels/Cartons/Bags.

Printing area:85mm x 55mm or 154mm x 55mm
Printing Speed:25,36 & 48 stroke per min.
Drive Motor:0.25 H.P., 1440 R.P.M., 1 Phase.
Weight : 40  kg.
Accessories: Ink tube, metal stereo box.

Automatic Batch Printing Machine/ Batch Coding Machines:
Batch Printing Machine

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Automatic feeding by slant magazine allows labels to a polished stainless steel feed wheel, The Label is picked up by rubber and it is fed to a timing chain, which carries the label under the printing head.
Printing head is having a type block where individual types can be composed, or rubber stereos can be fixed on a block of half cylinder piece. No make ready or skill is involved, as the rubber backup cylinder evens out the impression.
Oscillating distributor roller spreads ink evenly shaded unbroken, fully to the ink roll.
All shafts of Stainless Steel materials, rotate in sintered bronze bushing (oil-less bushes). Other major parts are also stainless steel material.
Automatic feeding, nice and quick adjustments, easy controls, accurate registering, uniform impressions, high output 250 labels/min.




Over All Dimension

820 X 415W X 490H

870 X 765W X 625 H


125, 180, 250 Label/Min

125, 180, 250 Carton/Min

Label Size

20 x 40 mm to 150 x 200 mm

75 x 25 to 325 x 175 mm


Approx 75 Kg.

Approx 125 Kg.


0.25 HP / 1440 RPM / 414V,3 Phase OR Single Phase

0.25 HP / 1440 RPM / 414V,3 Phase OR Single Phase


    • Hand held coders.

    Industrial Inkjet printers:

    Industrial INkjet Printers
    Tru –mark present industrial inkjet printers for your high speed printing and coding needs..
    These inkjet printers are ideal for On-Line High Speed Coding on packaging machines or bottles or objects moving on conveyor.
    The message to be printed is very easily composed on its graphic user display The message can be upto4-8 lines with a combination of small, medium or large characters from 1 mm to 18 mm in height along with LOGOs.
    The small print head is placed aligned with the object or substrate & whenever the product sensor gives a signal, the whole message is spray-printed onto the substrate while it is in motion without touching it., hence it is called non contact coding technology.

    Main Features:                                                    
    High Reliability

    • Large volume reservoir based ink system ensures stable performance in any application
    •  Patented sealed nozzle print head and true auto flush ensure reliable start-ups, even  after extended periods of shut down
    • Sealed cartridge fluid replenishment.

    Connectivity and Flexibility

    • Built in Ethernet port enabling printers to be networked
    • Built in web server to allow remote message selection and status monitoring
    • Ability to set printer-generated email/SMS alerts
    • All rasters and print formats on board allowing the machine to be configured from the user interface or via a networked PC
    • External USB port for location based set ups, moving messages between printers and service diagnostics
    • Print up to four lines with a variety of print formats
    • Optional colour touch screen control.

    Making More Time for your Business:

    • Full control of networked factory printers from the comfort of your desk
    • Simplified one-touch on/off button powers up the jet ready to start printing and when pressed to shut down, automatically flushes the head and powers off to ensure the machine is always available
    • Prepare/edit messages while the printer is still running to reduce code/product changeover times
    • Set up wizards improve accuracy, speed-up installation and allow printer tasks to be optimized for maximum effectiveness.




    1. Very low running cost as compare to traditional contact coding machines
    2. You can print more than 90million characters in 1ltr of ink of 2mm size.
    3. Per print cost less than a PAISA.



    1. Auto ink flushing/cleaning system, long print head life.
    2. No need of cleaning, the printing head.



    1. No investment in rubber or metallic stereos.
    2. Printing matter like text, logo, bar codes can be composed on its computerized touch screen within few minutes.
    3. Can save multiple messages for future reuse.



    1. High quality MEK based indelible ink, suits almost all solid surfaces.
    2. Compatible with wide range of inks to suit your specific requirements.



    1. Get that professional prints which you have seen on multinational brands
    2. Give a new identity to your product & make it more attractive



    1. Get installation at your place free of cost (In India only)
    2. Get after sale service free of cost at your place within warranty period.



    Handy marker for corrugated cartons and HDPE/LD BAGS

    The TRU MARK handy marker can be very easily used by unskilled workers and there is no need to maintain any inventory of stencils or pre-printed labels. The handy marker contains long life ink capacity, which allows uninterrupted marking without need for frequent re-inking.
    The Handy roller is equipped with a tension spring that returns the marker to its zero position after every stroke and in doing so the types get inked as they pass below the ink roller and it is ready to use again. The TRU MARK handy marker is equipped with a top quality long lasting ink roller, which is especially formulated to release uniform quantity of ink for each impression. This is done through a proprietary process that controls pore size leading to smudge-free, print like impressions. A variety of sizes are available with the TRU MARK  handy coder which gives different printing areas as per requirement and the user can get a speed of 60 impressions/min

    It comes in following print area sizes/models..
    1.5inch X 13inch
    3 inch X 13inch
    2 4 inch X 13inch
    7 inch X 13inch

    Handy Inkjet Printers

    Handy stamp coder
    Handy Stamp Coder light weight and reliable hand-held HAND HELD MAKER which is very easy to use and comes with a self inking printing area of 30mm X 60 mm. It is extremely handy, durable and an excellent solution for various types of manual coding.

    Batch Printing Machine


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